Docks & Boat Hoists

Northern Lawn Maintenance & Resort Services has become Leelanau County's premier dock and boat hoist service company through our efforts for perfection with every installation to the neatly stacked dock at the end of the season.  We offer a variety of services to accommodate all your waterfront needs. Contact us today for a free quote!
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Boat Hoist Leveling

Boat Hoist Sinking 
**Not available for clay or rocky bottom**

  • For uneven lake bottoms
  • Provides better stability
  • Allows hoist to function properly
  • For shallow lake frontage
  • Sink hoist to gain water depth under boat   
  • Easier launching

Installation / Removal

Other Services

  • Dock Reconfiguration
  • Dock Repairs
  • Boat Hoist Repairs
  • Beach Cleaning & Leveling
  • All Brands & Styles
  • Docks 
  • Dock Accessories
  • Boat/Pontoon Hoists
  • Boat Hoist Canopies
  • Boat Hoist Accessories
  • Rafts & Water Trampolines

Boat Hoist Transportation

If you are you unable to store your boat hoist on your lake frontage due to a steep bank or heavily wooded parcel 

Northern Lawn Maintenance & Resort Services can float your hoist to and from the nearest boat launch, make the hoist mobile and transport it to and from your residence

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